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A business valuation is an independent assessment of the value of your business. The detailed analysis contained in a business valuation report indicates the future potential for your company and is an essential element in developing effective strategic plans. Valuation of businesses, business ownership interests, securities, tangible or intangible assets (Collectively referred to as Business Valuation) may be performed for a variety of purposes and reasons including the following. A business valuation can have many uses. Our portfolio business valuation services include the following key areas:

Small Business Valuation

While publicly traded companies are valued every day in the public stock markets, privately held companies do not have a similar market to determine the value for their equity interests. In the absence of this pricing information, interests in privately held companies must be valued independently. The accurate valuation of privately held companies is essential when resolving issues related to management planning, exit planning, securing the working capital loan or for any buy and sale transaction.

Transaction Advisory Services

biz2value specializes in providing transaction services to small and middle market companies We combine financial, commercial and operational expertise with data-driven insights to help you create value across all stages of your deal lifecycle. We can help increase the overall value in an acquisition, corporate restructuring, management buy-outs, dispositions or any other business transaction. Our multidisciplinary team will work closely with you throughout the buying/selling process in a way that brings efficiency and value to the transaction.

Intangible Assets Valuation-Including technology and Patent

The valuation of Intangible Assets including patents & emerging technologies is more difficult than the calculation of Fair Market Value for a conventional business. It involves the application of appropriate valuation methodology for the valuation of Patent, Competitive Advantage and IP, Goodwill and Other Intangible Assets.

Start-Up Business Valuation

I Start-up valuation is the process of calculating the value of a start-up company. Startup valuation methods are particularly important because they are typically applied to start-up companies that are currently at a pre-revenue stage. Start-up’s valuation should not be performed as a rule of thumb, or with black box practices that leave space for arbitrary conclusions. Traditional valuation approaches are methodological and grounded, but they need to be adjusted to capture the value of start-ups. A Start-Up Company will have multiple stages including the Idea Stage, Development Stage, Start-Up Stage and Expansion stage.

Valuation for Financial Reporting & Compliance

The role of the CFO and the corporate controller’s group continues to grow and evolve beyond managing the company’s books. It is an increasingly critical role and they are relied upon to manage strategic accounting and financial reporting work that is core to communicating company performance. In an era of evolving financial reporting requirements, including International Accounting Standards, and increasing audit and regulatory scrutiny, biz2value helps public and privately held companies, private equity, and venture capital firms successfully manage their financial reporting valuations.

Valuation for Strategic & Business Planning

The appraisal of the business and the valuation report and the value conclusion thereof is an important strategic planning tool. The focus of a business appraisal for strategic planning purposes is not as much on the ultimate conclusion of value as it is on the overall process, inputs, and analysis. A valuation report can help business owners

Business Valuation primarily focuses on compliance and litigation. Whereas, Transaction Valuation focuses on buying and selling of the business. Similarly, whereas, Business valuation focuses primarily on minority ownership interests, Transaction valuation focuses primarily on 100% or control interest.


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